Hey! I'm Jenny

Thank you so much for visiting my site!

A bit about me: I am a mother to two amazing children Katrina and Clayton. They are my world and everything I do is for them! I am also an entrepreneur and own my own Bicycle Rental company out of Port Colborne, Ont called Cycle-Logical Rentals. My passion for the outdoors and environment and is what gave birth to Cycle-Logical Rentals. It is also what fuels my drive to give back which is why starting in 2018 every sale I make I will plant a tree to help aid in the fight against deforestation!

I also represent an amazing company called Vitae Global. We offer only the best products and services on the market including a clinically proven weightloss coffee (& capsules for the non java lover), Personal Growth audios by none other then Jim Britt our CEO, & The VWater machine which gives you instant access to the cleanest and healthiest water right from your tap!

I also created the Bawse Babes Society which is a way for me to give back to the community of women entrepreneurs that I have become friends with, that are just starting out and creating a business of their own, or that are much more successful than me already but enjoy my content so they stick around. It is a safe place to feel welcome, to learn about personal growth, self confidence & mindsets, to gain inspiration and motivation from other like minded women and to bitch about our fails because lets be honest, we all have them LOL!

If you gave me the option to do anything I wanted it would be either relaxing with a glass of vino, a book, while listening to tunes & sunbathing outside OR being active with the kids riding bikes, canoeing, playing tennis, basketball,  horseback riding, building sand castles on the beach, working in the garden together and getting our hands dirty, enjoying music and dinner markets, this list can go on for days! How I find time to work around all our extra curricular activities is a miracle haha. 

I am involved in network marketing and direct sales because I love being able to work from ANYWHERE which is a huge positive for us because we love to explore and travel. It is also what has given birth to this website. I wanted to bring everything I love together and what better way then a personal blog and website!!

I am a knowledge junkie and just want to share it with the world.. ok I got ahead of myself there haha. I will share it with YOU, my followers 🙂 I truly believe you will love the content I put out because I really love and believe in the things and people that will make your life better!  I will admit, I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to blogging but I just love sharing and have a passion to inspire and help others and what better way to do that then a blog and facebook community.

Also I have experienced ALOT in my life already good and bad so you will see the vulnerable side of me. This will be hard but I will be as real with you as possible to make sure you know I am a real person and I am here to help educate you as best as I can from experience and research. However I am not a doctor or medical professional of any kind and always recommend speaking with your doctor first to make sure you are in the proper health to use my products or services. Everything and anything I say is to be considered my personal opinion.

I am also an open book so if you ever have any questions drop me a line. I am always more then happy to answer them!


xo Jenny Crumb

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