Being Financially Mindful | My monthly life in numbers

This started as a facebook post but I decided to go all out and pick apart my month in numbers for you.

Hopefully this article leaves you feeling inspired to be more mindful financially as well 🙌.

enjoy 😘

Due to dealing with really bad depression and anxiety causing me to close my business and also having an ex that doesn’t pay child support left me financially crippled and forced almost all these extras out of my life,(will explain in article below 😉) however even though I am still “broke” I am able to manage my money better and feel empowered by the fact that I can live without so much and am actually very happy about it!

I don’t miss shopping and I actually hate having to spend money now that I do my best to make sure it is going to be something that will bring me joy or is a bill I need to keep our house running smoothly and is something I can’t fix myself lol.

With that said there is definitely room for improvement for these few things on the list I spend money on however the extras are what bring me joy- movies are my favorite night out with or without the kids, I love reading and Clayton unschools so books , books and more books please lol, and Travel / Adventure / Culture is my passion and I love bringing home souvenirs other then pictures sometimes to remind me of my adventures and support the locals.

Living mindfully financially has given me the power to be able to start a savings account for the 1st time in my life, work on paying my debt off (very slowly atm unfortunately but its something) and to figure out what I truly enjoy spending money on versus impulse buys.

There you have it 👇, the only things on the list of 50 that I can’t really control, am working towards removing them fully or are there because they bring us joy ❤. It may only be 7 now but it used to be almost the ENTIRE LIST LOL

  • 1) Overdraft fees- 10$ a month, working to avoid these and avoid using my overdraft but unfortunately to avoid using my credit card this is what happens lol
  • 2) credit card fees+interest- around 250$ a month but keeps dropping by a little as I make payments off balance
  • 3) subscriptions(netflix-$10, 15$ audible for 1 book a month, office 9$ for 1TB photo storage is really why I have this one, social pilot-$14(post scheduling app) ,ymca- income based fee $46 a month for me and clayton, godaddy- 11$- my website, total of= $105 monthly subscriptions.
  • 4) cellphone bill, $150 🤦‍♀️- need to work on this!
  • 5) full price movies, 1-2 movies a month, 15-30$
  • 6)buying to many books $70 at book outlet this week for 2 huge boxes should be good for a few months lol.
  • 7) travel souvenirs. Very rare so no $ amount here

While I am at it I might as well share my other monthly expenses too lol,

Monthly bills-

  • 600$ – rent(parents are giving me a deal since they bought the house from me and chad until he starts paying child support or until i can afford to pay more up to the full 1200$ mortgage payment ❤)
  • 52$ unlimited teksavvy internet,
  • 30-40$hydro,
  • 55$water,
  • 65$ enbridge gas,
  • 125$ car insurance,
  • 21$ hot water heater rental,
  • $500 credit card payment,
  • 150$ to savings, unexpected expenses account,
  • 50$ dog food,
  • 20$ dog flea pill( actually 60 for 3 months)
  • = 1670$ ish
  • 300$ ish from expenses I can work on(including cell phone bill but not c.c. interest as it is included in the 500 above)
  • =2000$ a month on average for monthly expenses and bills.

Then what’s left is what I have for gas for the car, groceries, car repairs, clothing, field trips, donations and supporting local biz over lunch or coffee etc. etc.

Thanks to Small Scale Farms Food Program eating most of my more expensive meal budget I am able to buy organic local foods now for snacks, lunches , breakfast etc.

I shop for quality over quantity ( what can I get thats good for us with this 5$ versus how much can I buy with this 5$-HUGE IMPORTANT MINDSET SHIFT).

Yes we volunteer in exchange for the meals but who cares how I am bringing in the goods, the point is I love volunteering there and have made amazing friends and my kids get to enjoy giving back to the community and learn awesome life skills in the process. I am super thankful for the food but I would still do it even if that wasn’t available because it falls in line with everything i value ❤ and want my kids to value as well. People make us happy, not things we waste money on! Find your people and trust me, you won’t care about what you own anymore ❤❤💪🌱

Here is the article I have been referring too 👇 how many of these 50 money wasting habits still affect you on a regular basis? Let me know in the comments 👇😀


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