Top 3 things to know about Confidence Coaching! (Self-confidence blog series #3)

Do people tell you you’re encouraging? Do you find that you enjoy giving people helpful advice and boosting their confidence? Has customer service always been a strong quality you have?

If they do then you may be in the same boat as me and may even consider becoming a confidence coach yourself. After realizing how much I was NOT confident in myself I set a goal to learn to become confident and help other women do the same.

This rapidly-expanding business takes several forms. Some people specialize in coaching certain types of people (such as entrepreneurs) or age groups (such as teens). Following are the top 3 things about what a confidence coach is, what he or she does, and some tips on becoming one. Enjoy xo!

#1-What Is a Confidence Coach?

Generally speaking, a confidence coach is someone who makes a living at encouraging others and boosting their self-confidence. Confidence coaches give their clients tips on how to think positively and discover their gifts and talents, and they help their clients identify what situations cause them to lose confidence.

A confidence coach then gives tips and training to his or her clients to help them overcome their low confidence. The coach helps clients to identify where they have confidence trouble, and to face that “glitch” and overcome it. My biggest glitch is my upbringing. I come from a very judgemental family and even though they always had my best interest at heart being judged all the time and told to do better is a huge confidence killer.

Another thing confidence coaches may do is help clients identify goals, both short- and long-term. Ultimately, confidence coaches want to see their clients achieve success in life.

I believe the Bawse Babes Society is going to become an amazing group of confidence coaches because if you join you are there to help others succeed as much as you are looking to become more confident in yourself. The best part is that the facebook group will always be free to join, so no matter what stage you are at in life financially you will have access to an army of women looking to cheer you on.

#2-How Do Confidence Coaches Do What They Do?

There are several approaches you can take as a confidence coach. For example:

* CDs and DVDs are a popular way for confidence coaches to reach their clients. You might produce a series of CDs or DVDs, or offer them in correlation with printed media.

* Online tutorials, especially via social media, to which clients can subscribe, or even join a private group like the Bawse Babes Society are another visual medium through which confidence coaches can help their clients.

* Ebooks and written guides help confidence coaches sell their message to clients while still having a personal connection with them.

* Phone calls, personal emails, online chats, and live video are some personal ways that confidence coaches can connect with their clients.

These are just some options. With how innovative technology is becoming it opens the door to so many different ways to connect and share with your clients.

#3-How Can I Become a Confidence Coach?

There are training courses you can take, and if this is what you would like or need, you have your choice online.

Or you can also simply go for it without special training – some successful entrepreneurs say they became experts on a certain topic on the day they decided they were! In other words, there is a great deal of information out there and you can avail yourself of it and train yourself like I have!

Most of these courses are offered by businesspeople like yourself, so generally there is a fee for the course. However if you are anything like me and truly can’t afford trainings from the beginning that is ok. There is a wealth of free knowledge online and off (think the library.. and yes these still exist lol) to get you started. There is also the Bawse Babes Society which is totally free to join Forever (or as long as facebook groups are around and free lol) but, and yes there is a but, if you are serious about becoming a confidence coach, or anything for that matter, you need to remember it takes money to make money so you need to prepare to spend money on your education at some point even if it is just a paid mastermind with other women following in the same career path. If you don’t invest in yourself and your education how do you expect your clients to invest in you ❤.

I also highly recommend looking at the websites of other confidence coaches. Read the testimonials and find out what clients appreciate. Then, you will need to set up a unique and powerful website yourself. (Or not.. thanks to social I have seen multiple coaches make an awesome living without having a website 😘) Take Holly for example ❤! She was the first online coach that truly inspired me to just go for it and start helping others.

I Hope you learned something from this article today and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or even pop on over and join the Bawse Babes Society!
Looking forward to connecting,

Jenny Crumb
Your personal cheer leader & creator of the Bawse Babes Society

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