Crumbs take on Christmas Present! πŸŽ…

Christmas around the Crumb household tends to be chaotic… LIKE REALLY CHAOTIC! LOL

however, I am pleased to say we are off to an amazimg start this year! 90% of the christmas decor is up πŸ‘‡ que 🎢”HALLELUJAH” 🎢

(Be sure to stick around till the end of this post as I can guarantee xmas is not going as good as it looks lol)

“You better be good, because JENNY Claus is watching your every move bahaha!! ”

Actually lovin the look this year!

You can do it princess…….. stretch those toes lol

Mikey got lucky! Who doesn’t love decorating your friends trees too! He was very happy he slept over last night lol

Isn’t Clayton just the cutest kid ever!? That smile though πŸ˜ƒ! Love him so much… even when he is driving me crazy haha.( and yes I realize my son is im shorts in canada on Dec 2nd… he had basketball this morning haha)

Katrina managed to put the Angel on this year but gave up on doing it ever so gracefully lol πŸ•Š

Side note … um when did she get so freaking tall!

Ah yes… the wreath that started it all lol. Burlap everywhere now 😍😍😍 and I love it!

gorgeous burlap christmas wreath

Even redecorated some candles for a little extra handmade love πŸ‘‡ (can never have too much burlap right?! 😜)

handmade candle with burlap, lace and wood heart


I also snuck some mini wine cork succulents in with the christmas decor 🌡

Another favorite part is my tripple ledge that I decked out with burlap and even lights! Love it!!

burlap garland decorations with bells, and lights

Ahhh… my favorite! The wreaths I created for the front doors 😍πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸŽ…! I almost want to switch professions and start selling them lol. It was so much fun creating all this decor!

handmade burlap and garland wreaths with pine cones, bells and lights

Now…. I promised you some ugly Christmas details.. here goes!

You know that pretty prelit white Christmas trees in the pictures… notice how its not “lit” ? Yup! You guessed it!! The fucking tree is broken! Ahhhhhhhh,

que ” ripping hair out of my fucking head after fully decorating the god damn thing to have it dudd out! F%ck!”Β  Wait it gets better! All the lights I usually hang in the window… also dead?! Like what the fuck did I do this year to deserve that crap! (And yes I tried a different plug… i think haha). Seriously though the kids are all upset I dont want to replace the tree and lights… Well I Hope you have a real life money tree I can pick some cash off of because mom is tapped!


If by chance you want to help a girl out you can grab some Lean Java Bean coffee off my siteΒ Β 1Coffeeaday.comΒ ( its a win, win… you have some help fighting that second round of desserts over the holidays and I get commission to buy some new lights and light up those smiles on my kids faces! πŸ˜ƒ )

Anyways hope you enjoyed my Crumbs take on Christmas Present post! Feel free to share and subscribe for more awesomesauce posts!

Drop me a comment and pet me know hoe your holidays are going so far!


Jenny Crumb

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