Grateful 🥰

I made this post on my facebook today and wanted to add it here as a reminder that I have so much to be grateful for and all these failed or short lived attempts at businesses have been for a hell of a great reason. Not only does today mark the day I am officially “starting over” in my career path, it also is a monumental step forward for my entire life.

I finally feel content (actually overwhelmed with happiness and disbelief lol) with my life, the people in it and true hope for a fruitful future for my kids provided by me! Don’t get me wrong, I love when people help us out, I couldn’t even imagine our life today without the help we have received from loved ones in our lives but I just have always felt this dying need to provide for us by myself to prove to myself I can do it and be everything they need. However with that being said, I would never have gotten to the place I am today without all the amazing people in my life. So this is for you!

The people in my life at this moment! You all fucking rock 😘🦄.

“It only took me 32 years (or 33?! I can’t remember haha) but I finally feel like I have friendships that are blooming that will last a lifetime! I am free to be myself and they actually enjoy it haha!

I was so scared to quit my business and start all over but if I hadn’t I never would have taken the plunge into homeschooling and met so many amazing people that are as crazy as me! They constantly make me feel amazing instead of making me feel worthless. I have cried more happy tears this year then the rest of my life combined lol. I am so grateful.

Also thanks to homeschooling I somehow have time to volunteer now which seemed so hard to come across before, I actually look forward to it every week and can’t wait till I find more time to help out other organizations in niagara and beyond. The friendships I am making there too will last forever. I am always surrounded by so many thoughtful, smart, educational and selfLESS people it makes my heart smile. Homeschooling has opened so many doors to my heart I didn’t even know I could open. Apart from these groups of people I also find myself supporting smaller businesses so much more often and having the time to strengthen bonds and create friendships with them and the events they put on.

I have an interest in history for the 1st time in my life and it seems like a dream considering I always hated it with a passion not realizing how much further history went then war movies lol. I have more time to spend with my extended family and look for ways to get more time by having them teach clayton their skills.

I am seriously so happy to finally have my own little village that I feel have my back and I have theirs. So thank you! I love all of you guys so much!! ❤❤🧚‍♀️🦄”

-Jenny the Gemini 🎃

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