Im Going SUGAR-FREE This Sept For the Canada Cancer Society and… ME of course!

Hey Guys!!!


Thanks for catching up on my blog here at 🙂 I truly appreciate it and think you(my followers) should always know I LOVE you and without you I wouldn’t be successful… so THANK YOU!  Now on to todays bolg post….

As you can see from the title I have some BIG ( and crazy as F%#$) NEWS!! I seen this promoted post on facebook for a sugar-free September and of course signed up right away because who doesn’t need a bit of motivation to kick sugar to the curb?!

All I can say is it is Sept 1st and I am kicking myself in the butt! I miss my ice cream lol. It is crazy when you don’t realize how much you love and almost rely on things until they are gone!  I am always sharing my love for ice cream either through words or pics of me and the kids grabbing ice cream from the local parlor, out with friends,  the ice cream truck, McDonalds sundaes… you get the drift. Well just so happens we ate out for dinner tonight and Katrina my 11 and 3/4’s old daughter (and yes that is necessary or I will hear from her that I called her 11 when she is almost 12 lol) asked me not once, not 2 times, and not even 4 times, BUT 5 TIMES for ice cream LOL! She is not impressed that I am including the entire family in the sugar-free challenge. As I tried to explain to her, that it is only fair we all are included or else I will 100% fail LOL because you know dasm straight if you get ice cream I am eating some of it! LOL

So thats it for tonight but be sure to catch me on my facebook on I will be checking in DAILY to keep myself accountable as well as anyone else that decides to join me! Here is my personal facebook:

p.s. I didn’t even know this was a fundraiser when I signed up but I always love supporting and raising funds for good causes and you can support my SUGAR-FREE SEPTEMBER and The CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY by sponsoring me here:


Join me and start raising funds for the canadian cancer society today here:


Thanks guys for putting up with me and my craziness 🙂


xo Jenny Crumb

Bawse Babe

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