Mmmm…. Homemade French Onion Soup!

I just finished devouring a huge bowl of the BEST homemade french onion soup! Who made it you ask?…..


Nothing tastes better then food you cook yourself. I love trying french onion soup at every restaurant i go to but few come close to my own recipe. (And i doubt they are good for you!) 

Here’s a pic of the onions cooking. I tend to rush this part and not make the onions quite soft enough, oh well! Lol.

At this point I am ready to dig in so I keep my hands busy lol. Next i move onto the cheese and croutons. I make my own croutons in the oven and shred whatever cheese i have on hand. Today was marble.. not my fave choice but it does the trick lol. I also add a couple boxes of broth to the onions now to make it into a soup. Once its nice and hot I add some shredded cheese into it aa well.


Once the croutons are done I pour a bowl of soup and dig in! #Droolworthy 🍲😍

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Jenny Crumb 

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