My personal review of Huntsville, Ontario and why you need to visit!

Hello from beautiful Muskoka!

This week I am going to share about my mini vacation & touch on why these retreats are so important for your overall well-being as well as my travels into Huntsville including a review of The Mill on Main and the Muskoka Brewery beers they had on tap 😉

Currently I am on a personal retreat in Northern Ontario at my families cottage in Baysville located in Lake Of Bays, Muskoka. I seem to be making it a tradition to come up here alone (kid-free) and spend my time relaxing and embracing the natural beauty Muskoka has to offer. Mini vacations like these give you a chance to connect with yourself from a fresh perspective away from the hustle and bustle of home and pamper yourself with the selfcare your body and mind needs.

I decided to spend march break( I know guilty mom here lol) without my kids and come up here to get some work done in peace. I always have my best ideas when I feel relaxed and in a beautiful destination so the cottage is obviously a great place to did this without all the expenses of an actual vacation. Not to mention the calm & quiet environment away from all my distractions at home. Just looking at this picture makes you want to be here with me right?! Lol

So my 1st night up here I ventured into Huntsville after looking up places to find outdoor artwork and seen they have tons of murals all over the city. Here is some shots of a couple of the ones I visited. Unfortunately it was dark when I got into town so the pictures aren’t the best. It was also cold since it is March in Canada when I am writing this and I am all for heat and staying warm so I would recomend doing this from spring to fall if you don’t embrace the cold like me haha.

The murals are part of “the group of seven” outdoor gallery which is supposed to have a gps based map on their site but unfortunately it doesn’t work and would not show me the location of ANY of the murals so I had to do a bunch of googling to find a downloaded map for just Huntsville. If you want the map shoot me an email and I will send it on to you 😉!

My next stop in Huntsville was to find somewhere that was open (past 9pm ) to grab some dinner and a drink so back to google I went. After looking at online reviews I decided on “The Mill on Main” because they offered live music on friday and Saturdays (and it was saturday), and had amazing reviews including tons of reviews on their “amazing fish and chips” which is one of my favorite dishes so I was sold. Here is a detailed honest review (and no I was not paid to say these things lol) of my experience!

As soon as I arrived at The Mill on Main I was greeted right away with a friendly smile and hello. Coming in through the back door through me off a bit as I didn’t know if I should just seat myself… but the bartender/waitress could tell and asked me if I was alone or meeting anyone and after determining the bar was the place for me I snagged a stool lol.

Atmosphere- A+

I absolutely loved the ambiance and style in the bar including this really neat driftwood sculpture made to look like a tree going up the wall and the fact they had a woodfired pizza oven you could grab a seat around as well and watch them cook pizzas! (Sorry no photos, my phone died 😭)

Food- A+

After checkout out the menu I seen the fish and chips was a very large order that I could have shared with the kids if I wanted it all eaten so I decided to same that for our visit in the summer lol. Instead I ended up ordering their crispy fried shrimp because it sounded so damn good 👇

Tasty Black Tiger shrimp coated in crispy flakes of Mediterranean style breading, served with our in house Cocktail sauce.

And let me tell you they did not disappoint! It came out in an awesome display (again sorry no pics!) with attached containers on each side with lemon on one side and their house-made cocktail sauce on the other. Shrimp was nice and hot and super tasty and the sauce was out of this world! Like seriously, they should bottle and sell it lol!

Alcohol- A++ (lol ya I just made that up haha)

Pictured below was actually the 1st thing I ordered so I managed to snag a pic! Omg yes! Lol. This drink is 110% picture worthy 😉. It is dubbed the “Northern Mojito” and is my favorite drink I hav ever had hands down! I have tried mojito’s before and they are good but usually a bit too sweet. This drink however was not sweet or sour it was just right and worth going to The Mill on Main to try!

I also got a tasting flight while I was there because I was curious to see how good Muskoka Brewery’s brews were compared to ours at home in Niagara. They had 4 beers on tap and the flight comes with a choice of 3 so I left the lager which compares to a bud light for another time… or so I thought lol. (Hit up the service part of the review 👇😉)

That left me with the Darkest- Shinnicked Stout, Detour- middle man, and the cream ale- 2nd lightest. I also did have a small sample of the Lager so I will drop my comments about that one too.

I dont know about you but I tend to try the dark stout brews just to say I tried them and leave it at that. However I would 100% choose Muskoka Brewery’s stout anytime over the others! The color is just that and the flavor is amazing! It has a hint of cocoa and coffee( they use muskoka roasted coffee beans 😍) and goes down great!

The Detour has a bit of a citrus flavor and is for the people that love a strong beer. I enjoyed this one also and would recommend if you like to change things up every once in a while.

The cream ale I would consider an easy drinker. Not to strong and a good flavor.

The lager is your everyday beer. It compares to a bud light. Tastes delicious and goes down easy.

Overall I think anything they serve would taste great after what i tried. Nothing disappointed!

On to service- A+

Another A+ for The Mill on Main! My server was hustling the entire night so she wasn’t very chatty and I didn’t get her name but I can’t complain! She tool great care of me when I needed it and was working hard. Sam on the other hand was another bartender working and we shared some great conversations! She was super friendly and you can tell she loves her job. She also noticed I was taking notes to do this blog post and wanted to make sure I could review all 4 so gave me a small sample of the Lager to taste. Bonus points lol. It is always great to have staff that can notice things like that and know it will benefit the business in a travel review 😎!

Music- A+

The live music was also amazing! I had the chance to chat with Paul Noonan when he was on break and sat at the bar with me. What a fun career to have! He is from Wales and came to muskoka to perform. He kept the crowd clapping and swaying to his music in their seats. I can’t wait to see who they have next time I end up there!

Overall if you plan on coming into Muskoka I would highly recommend stopping in Huntsville and checking out the Mill on Main as well as the amazing outdoor artwork and architecture ❤🇨🇦!

Thats it this week! I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and invite you to subscribe to my list to catch all my latest blog posts!

Xoxo Jenny

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