Published on VOCAL! 🙌

So I did a thing yesterday…..

And today I was awarded in an almost spiritual way lol!

I went out of my comfort zone yesterday and tried writing in a new format that I figured could be poetry but wasn’t confident enough to choose poetry and went with a totally different category. Turns out when my post was approved and published the professions behind the screen seen it as poetry after all and published me on vocals POET site and tagged it Nature Poetry!!! Sometimes you just need that outside force to demolish your doubts in yourself and remind you to follow your instinct.

So I just want to say thank you to the person behind the screen with the category publishing power THANK YOU!

If you want to check out my 1st published Poem follow the link.

I will really appreciate it, not to mention it is a great platform like medium and youtube that offers you the chance to be a paid creator as every view adds up to $ to help me along this creative and sustainable journey 😘🙌😁


Jenny Crumb

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