Road to Recovery

You know what comes with ADHD,
An extremely addictive personality.

Although trauma was the gateway drug,
It was brushed under the rug.

A mother’s love was my true desire,
But instead I lit the fire.

Cigarettes, sex and drugs,
Always hanging with the troubled thugs.

Because I continuously cut the wire,
The proper love never transpired.

True love is all I ever desired,
Which is why I played a puppet and submitted as hired.

Love affair like no other,
When I had nothing left, not even a brother.

After years of denial and severed ties,
I began to stop the lies.

I was blinded by the fire,
I had everything a person could desire.

A long road it’s been of self discovery,
Not free from the pain of rejection over recovery.

Personal growth and boundary setting,
Led me to freedom and educating.

Functional family dynamics,
The goal of perfect academics

Self worth, confidence and decision making skills,
And the ability to pay all my bills.

These things may still be a work in progress,

but that doesn’t mean I am not a success,

so I will continue as a tigress!


#RecoverOutLoud #RecoveryIsWorthIt

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