Street Art Redesigned

Excited to share the latest additions to my #etsy shop “ForceOfNatureCo” where every item purchased plants a tree. This week features the Street Art Redesigned line.

I plant a tree with purchase 🌱

This shot was captured in downtown st catharines, Ontario. It depicts our society as we know it now with our heads buried in technology instead of speaking to the people sitting right beside us.

At ForceOfNatureCo I believe in thinking outside the box and being able to display and show off the art we own in different ways so I hope you( or your loved ones) love strutting around town with these usable piece of artwork!

There is limited quantities of everything in my shop so when they are sold out they are gone forever to make room for new products.

For info about the Street Art Redesigned line visit ForceOfNatureCo on etsy by clicking here.


Jenny Crumb

-crazyass creative entrepreneur hehe

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