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Nothing beats taking the day off from housework, homework and homeschooling to spend the day adventuring!

We started our day with coffee (well I did anyway haha) and some hearty bowls of organic oatmeal, then loaded up the car with the kids and Nala.

Afterwards we hit up seaway mall so Katrina could run in and buy some new shoes she had picked out a couple days ago. Usually we do our best to buy 2nd hand and did grab some awesome runners from once upon a child but sadly she needed 2 pairs so she got a new pair from stitches that she loved.

Then we were off to wendy’s for $1 frosty’s as requested by the kids, and nala quite enjoyed it too lol.

We parked at the end of thorold rd in welland which gave us instant access to the waterfront trail that goes along the welland canal. We had a blast just chilling for a change πŸ’–. We didn’t stay on the trail very long and ended up being pulled down the hill to the water by Nala lol – like Katrina literally went down on her butt and I am surprised it isn’t sore πŸ€£πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ.

Nala enjoyed splashing in and out of the water as we mad our way to the rental dock. I was a little bummed they weren’t open for the PD day as I wanted to go out on the water with the kids but oh well we had a great time anyway.

We eventually made our way to the swimming dock which was a lot of fun as it sinks while you are walking on it so we almost slid in a couple times Haha. The kids really loved it here and after playing ball with the dog they just laid back and did some sun tanning while I enjoyed the beautiful scent of the scenery.

Days like these are few and far between and I feel the kids getting older every day. I was grateful to enjoy this time with them, see them getting along and just being kids.

Here is a video of us and Nala just chilling, playing and watching Clayton be adventurous as usual Haha.

After the kids were done tanning they played some catch then we headed back towards the car. I also had tried pulling up our geocaching app and finding one but they weren’t easy access and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with ticks πŸ•· so we never got it lol.

After we got home we cooked up a nice filling lunch (ham and cheese omelettes)

and debating swimming at the YMCA but lessons were in the way so I made the decision to go to Burlington to visit both sets of grandparents (kids great-grandparents) which was hit with some resistance but ending up being a blast like it usually does lol.
The typical hour car ride turned into a 2 hour ride though thanks to an accident so we got lots of extra sun. I also took the kids advice and got off the highway- ya No- let’s not do that again Haha. Clayton tried to do the same on the way home as we could see the skyway was still backed up but as soon as I turned onto beach boulevard I immediately did a uturn and got on the qew and we were set back maybe 5 mins, much better lmao.
Once we arrived at house 1 we found out their pool was actually open already- bonus- so we headed outside and the kids floated around the pool while I enjoyed chilling on the patio drinking a cold one.

The kids had a blast and were still getting along and playing together- say what?!- heres some video proof lol.

We also got some incognito homeschooling done as they had a huge swarm of flying ants. We did some research to see how to deal with them (and make sure they weren’t a type of bee that may attack as they had stripes lol). Turns out they were most likely mating🐜🐜 and getting it on πŸ€£πŸ™Œ but according to a bug identification app they were carpenter ants so should probably be lethally dealt with anyway unfortunately so we told them when they sprayed to make sure they leave the dead as the colony will collect them and then disperse the poison to the rest of them. #UnschoolingWin

Once we made it over to grandparents house #2 it was around 8pm and they were relaxing watching t.v. and reading (complete opposite as my other grandparents who were just sitting down with friends to play poker 🀣)I always love our visits to my oma and opas as it is always chill but serious conversations. The kids are too young to appreciate it yet ( trust me all the future plan questions as a teenager and younger can be daunting but as an adult you appreciate the fact they started asking from such a young age) but they will one day 😊. We talked about Katrina’s upcoming graduation- I am still in denial my baby girl is off to high school in September πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ, summer plans, rough times we are going thru mentally and emotionally with my parents and Katrina which definitely sparked some eyerolls and name calling towards me from her but I just walked away and let her talk to my oma & I went and read in the other room with the boys.
I am so grateful for having some family members that don’t expect perfection and let us do us, however dysfunctional it may be in the moment πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ.

I still consider this an amazing day that I will hold on to in my memory πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–. #Raw #CapturingTheCrumbs #RealLife

Let us know in the comments how you spent your PD Day and if it was a win or an epic fail lol- no judgement here, trust me I get it lol πŸ˜ŠπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

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