Supporting Women that were Sexually Abused as children.

That’s a pretty bold title right?!

Well its true!

The makeup company I am with called Younique created its own foundation that offers a retreat that is called The Haven where women who were sexually abused as children can go and heal. It is called The Younique Foundation.

Every month at Younique we have what’s called a Kudos. It is usually a bundle of makeup at a discounted price. Well this month, not only is there a kudos but it is the best I have seen since I joined in Dec!

3 exclusive rose gold colors only available in the Kudos, A Blush called Supported, a liquid lipstick in Secure and a splurge cream shadow in Cherished. As of today this bundle is already 77% SOLD OUT!!

And you know why?

Because we are surrounded by women that understand 1 in 4 girls will be sexually abused and want to help in the healing process that the haven offers. 1000’s of women have already been to the Haven Resort and leave new women with self confidence like no other.

Also on a less serious note, these colors are gorgeous!!!

The box they arrive in symbolizes kintsugi, which is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery thru precious metals. The guests of the Haven participate in kintsugi as a healing activity. It reminds the survivors they are made stronger and more beautiful for having been broken.

If you beat the odds and want to support these survivors or are a survivor yourself follow this link:

and know that 100% of the proceeds go right back to THE YOUNIQUE FOUNDATION.

Now wear your new kudos colors with pride and spread awareness in the fight against sexual abuse!




2 thoughts on “Supporting Women that were Sexually Abused as children.”

  1. Wow, great idea! I love the pottery aspect too. Good to see Younique supporting such a worthwhile and life-changing cause.

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